Friday, February 8, 2013

Counting sheeps

February 2013

Guerilla Store idea: counting sheeps to fall asleep. The inside of the tent is presented as a bed while the outside envisiones the sheeps jumping over the fence one by one. All the sheeps are made from clothes.


January 2013,

Industrial inspired POP-UP store for the designer Heidi Soto.

Passetge del temps

December 2012

Window inspired by the ¨Butterfly Windmills¨ painting of Salvador Dali.


December 2012 

Christmas themed window made for ¨PC Clinic¨ shop out of recycled material.

Internship at Mcgregor

December 2012

Final results of one month´s work in arranging the new 2013 fall-winter collection for the Showroom of McGregor.